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Social media giant Facebook pointed to a major change this year at the F8 Developers Conference. In recent years the new design of the platform has been revealed that the user is losing at a great speed.

No more old blue facebook. Why does Facebook sign such a radical change?

Facebook’s recent year’s involved scandals, the user quickly lost cause. Apart from this, while addressing X and Y generations, the Z generation, which was born in 2000 and beyond, is preparing to sign a radical change.

The blue color, which is associated with institutionalism in today’s design world, has been replaced by white and other colors. About the most radical change in color and design, we saw it on Instagram, another platform on Facebook three years ago. This change allowed Instagram to beat its rivals like Snapchat and come head-on with Facebook.

Before lighting up Facebook’s decision to leave the blue color, let’s take a quick look at the new design:


A vertical stream of messages that resembles a mobile application at the center of the three split home page,


  • Main page, notifications, on the flow and in the center tabs
    Facebook video, profile, store, groups and Messenger buttons,


  • Active stories just below


  • In the right menu, discover the feature for groups, which is the biggest blessings that Facebook still holds.


  • In the right menu, select the section called Contacts or Links.


  • Colorful circle on people, indicating active story sharing, just like on Instagram,


  • A softened Facebook logo and search section on the left menu, with lighter and transitive blue tones,


  • Just below the logo and search section; The group of members, events, recorded shipments, Facebook Gaming, Facebook Fundraisers, donations, help settings and more.


  • Through a single screenshot, we see that most things will change for Facebook and a more gentle and sincere identity will be passed.


  • The biggest change is the weight of the traditional blue color. Let’s look at the reasons for the bride.

Through a single screenshot, we see that most things will change for Facebook and a more gentle and sincere identity will be passed.

The biggest change is the weight of the traditional blue color. Let’s look at the reasons for the bride.

1. Cause: Digital minimalism current

Google’s Material Design strategy has simplified the experience of the screens. Now we see interfaces with clear lines instead of three-dimensional buttons. Colors can be seen either on their own or transitionally in these interfaces. Facebook’s traditional design has a traditional website stance, away from a minimal identity. In the new design, we see minimal symbols, buttons, and menus. This leads us to the next item.

2. Cause: User habits are now focused on the mobile interface

Even today, the billboards switch to vertical format with phone screen rates; The mobile experience is the key to technological products and services. Facebook has so far designed its mobile app “with reference to the website”. Now mobile experiences are referenced.

3. Reason: The success of Instagram with the horn passing

Instagram 3 years ago with a completely white interface and the color of the twinkling of the logo, the star was a flare. His success allowed him to leave his Facebook application behind, thus guiding him now.

In the old version of Instagram, there were darker colors and materials to encourage photography. The new version was free of colors, rather plain, a design that did not emphasize emphasis, but delivered and interacted. Facebook has also undergone a radical change to live the same success.

4. Why: Facebook is blue, it is official, not sincere

Colors gain meaning according to our daily experiences and our culture. The blue color, on the other hand, represents the institutionality and seriousness in the world with its dark tones. It is normal for Facebook to give up this color to open to the next generation, to experience changes in more intimate and gentle tones without leaving the blue completely.

5. Reason: Break down perceptions

Facebook’s ads in the US presidential election, 87 million users (maybe more than Zuckerberg’s) information is stolen from the stealing of news and lies.

Apart from the pillage of billions of dollars, the attitude towards Facebook is getting harder. Zuckerberg; As a figure, the users of the platform are collecting antipathy and they are leaving the environment with campaigns like #DeleteFacebook. Although with WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook holds a big audience, its name is on the verge of disappearing.

All of this, in fact, details the direction of the company’s overall reputation. Facebook is aiming to achieve a warmer and sincere look with the new design and wants to ensure that this change is forgotten.

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