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Do you know how Polaroid cameras, the ancestors of instant photography and now becoming a trend again? In this article, we have focused on the magical interaction of chemicals and films used for the extraction of photographs.

Digital cameras are one of the extraordinary inventions of the electronic revolution. But there are good stories in their past. Polaroid cameras, which immediately printed photos, were welcomed as a highly revolutionary technological invention when they first appeared. Before them, color photographic negatives had to go through a long process like exposing them to color paints in a dark room.

But that changed when Harvard graduate Edwin Land crumbled the darkroom and put various chemicals into a single camera. Edwind Land later decided to make money from this invention. When things went the way he wanted, he founded the Land Polaroid Company, and in 1949 he made a fortune selling $ 5 million worth of cameras.

Thanks to the success of Edwin Land’s company, instant cameras became known as Polaroid cameras. So how did the cameras developed by Land work? Let us clarify this issue in detail.

How do Polaroid cameras work?

ucuz polaroid makineler

As we were about to enter a new century, we began digitizing photos, converting them into pixels, and storing them on memory cards. But the existence of such a technology could not be mentioned in the 1950s and films could not be printed immediately.

Instead, the edges of a film consisted of a plastic sheet coated with “halides”. These films were very sensitive to light and therefore produced in dark rooms at the level of darkness without being exposed to any light. Polaroid cameras, on the other hand, did this through several different stages.

Operation mechanics of Polaroid cameras:

polaroid nasıl çalışır?

Polaroid cameras are packed with film packs containing plastic negative layers coated with reactive chemicals. As you press the shutter button, the rollers inside the camera remove one of the negatives inside the package and place it in front of the camera lens.

When the camera’s curtain is unfolded, the film in its negative state stops momentarily and is exposed to external light. After the specified exposure time expires, the rollers inside the camera release the film in the negative state and allow you to remove the picture.

The function of optics in image formation:

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All analog cameras work almost the same way. When you take a photo, the light hole in the camera allows light reflected from the photographed object to enter.

Thanks to the round shape of the lenses in the cameras, the light can come from any direction and is reflected in one direction through the camera towards the film. When the screen inside the camera is opened, the pattern of the reflected light strikes the film consisting of three different silver layers, each of which is red, blue and green, and the photograph is formed.

Role of chemicals in Polaroid cameras:

polaroid renkli

What makes instant cameras work is the chemical reaction beneath the silver components on the negatives. These chemical layers react to the presence of the chemical reactant used to provide color generation in the silver layer of the negative as the developer, image, timer, and acid layer. For example, suppose silver layers shine the light. During this event, the chemicals reacting permanently take the color of the light reflected on the negative.

Output as final stage:

polaroid filmi

When the rollers in the camera take action to remove the photograph, they also pressurize the negatives downwards to keep the chemicals expected to react within the white boundaries of the negatives. Then it pauses for a short time for the photo to complete. As negative colors are adjusted, the photo slowly changes from gray to colorful. Contrary to popular belief, Polaroid recommends users not to shake after taking photos.

5 mobile apps that will allow you to capture similar frames without the Polaroid camera:


polaroid kağıdı

With InstaLab you can also take photos in Polaroid view without buying a Polaroid camera. This application will help you find the feeling of nostalgia you are looking for, offers users different borders and filters.

The filters you use may cause extraordinary changes to your photos. Sometimes you can get brighter, sometimes gloomy photos. In fact, the yield you get from these photos is entirely up to your imagination. Using InstaLab you can create a colorful gallery.

Download Instalab Android and iOS:


polaroid uygulamaları

This application, which will help you get polaroid photos, offers many advantages besides its more than 25 filters. You can use the application like a photo editing tool while moving your photo to another level with the effects provided by the application. In doing so, you can change the size of your photo or highlight dark and light places.

You can also use the app as a quick camera if you want. Thanks to the application with a retro lens camera, you can take Polaroid photos directly without any editing. If you like taking pictures, this app with a low size is for you.

PolyCam Android download

3.Polaroid Originals

This advanced application captures shadows, an important component of Polaroid photos, allowing you to take extremely impressive photos. Thanks to the Instagram-like interface, you can see other photos taken on the app’s home page and get ideas for improving your creativity. At the same time, the application gives you different tips on taking photos.

This application is also available in portrait mode and also has a self-timer. Using this feature, you can take great fun pictures, even if you are on your own. You can also edit your photos within the app and share them with your friends.

Polaroid Originals Android and iOS download

polaroid efektleri

You can immortalize your most memorable moments with this application which allows you to take different types of Polaroid photos. If you want, you can have these photos removed from the printer and create a photo album. With more than 200 collage features, this application offers users a wide range of photo looks. This application is for you, especially if you are an Instagram blogger.

StoryLab is not limited to photos only. You can also shoot Polaroid videos using this app. The fact that the application is highly integrated with social media applications is a big plus for users who will use the application for this purpose. With StoryLab, you can save the photo you created directly to your photo gallery in accordance with your Instagram stories.

StoryLab Android download



polaroid app store

You can save your most valuable memories using this application. With MolyCam, which offers a wide range of filters, you can bring the atmosphere of nostalgia to your photos. If you want more intimate photos, you can use bright filters. When using this free app, you can purchase new filters in addition to the existing filters.

Using this application that develops every day, you can create extremely impressive photos and share them with your friends on social media. MolyCam, which is also a photo editing application, offers users additional features such as adding text and stickers.

MolyCam iOS download

  • MolyCam

    In this article, we explained how Polaroid cameras, which have become popular again recently, have emerged and the working principle. Even if the Polaroid cameras are no longer sold at high prices, you have to pay a certain amount. Thanks to the 5 apps we have compiled for you, you can take Polaroid photos even if you don’t want to invest in this technology.

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