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In this text; We’ve made recommendations for people who want to earn an additional $ 1,500 in 2 weeks. On a monthly basis, you can get good additional income methods:

If a question is asked who needs money; Anyone who does not work, says that it needs. Because of we all dream of having more money. And even if you’re rich, it can’t change that. Because it is a fact that the rich work is harder than the people who have less money. In other words, if you want to have money, you should definitely work; whether body or head…

Some of us are trying to support a family with a single salary, while others are trying to have a better standard of living. Those who want to make money and use their wits and who work consistently and steadily can reach these demands. There are easy ways to do this for everyone. So while some of us think it’s easy to make money using the internet, some of us might say it’s easier to sew. Of course, this is all about your characteristics. These approaches have made different business ideas and additional jobs popular today. From a broad perspective, people who strive to make money are really successful.

Let us come to the core of our topic… Do you know how much money you need weekly? All in all, if you’re a savings person, it’s really nice to earn $ 1,500 a week or earn additional income. We would like to take up additional business with you, where you can earn $ 1,500 a week:

Carpet Cleaning – Cleaning

Halı Yıkamak – Temizlik Yapmak

Resourceful ladies and gentlemen; this job is not at all the size to be underestimated. The carpets of a house are washed at a price of at least 150 – 200 dollars and you know that it is not a job that takes your days. Maybe you can wash the whole carpet of a house for 2-3 hours. In addition, cleaning a house from head to toe will save you $ 150 – $ 200. For example, if you go to the house cleaning 2 times a week, you can easily earn 500 dollars. Of course, we know it is a tiring job; but a really good opportunity to make money. At the same time, there is no situation that requires gender. So whether you are a woman or a man can do this job and you can earn a weekly.

Earn additional income by doing Hair and Makeup?

Saç ve Makyaj Yapmak

If you are skilled in making hair and makeup, you can earn a nice income. Maybe you won’t find customers every week, But make sure you will find many tiny customers. If you expand your environment and keep things well with other ladies, you may even have regular customers. You can learn different models by participating in several courses and watching videos from the internet. You can earn 500 dollars a week by doing this. Even if you know about professional makeup you can be sure that you will earn this money quite comfortably.

Making Repair Works

Tamirat İşleri Yapmak

You can also earn additional income by doing repairs at home, in the garden or in the offices. If you are already knowledgeable and skilled in these matters, you can do these things quite simply. If you understand the repair work, such as bicycles and cars, you are quite lucky. There are many things you can do, such as gardening, repair of electronic household appliances, maintenance of electrical and plumbing, painting and whitewashing. Do these as a profession or as an additional job; You can get a good income from any kind.

Opening Youtube Channel

Youtube Kanalı Açmak

Youtube is rapidly moving towards becoming one of the most popular business areas of recent years. People who shoot their own videos earn a good income by opening a Youtube channel. So, how does it work? As people watch your videos, you earn revenue from ads that appear. Of course, all you have to do is open a highly interesting channel and keep people up to date. You can educate yourself on this issue, you can investigate what people demand. The post is completely in the videos. Especially in recent days, what is done, such as how to shoot videos are quite interesting. Of course, it is much better to make your own difference instead of directly doing the same.

Instagram Sales

Instagram Hesabından Satış Yapmak

In the last year, you’ve seen how different your Instagram accounts are. The number of sellers is increasing day by day. Also, when you look at the products sold, it is seen that there are products that are handcrafted and made to order. If you believe that you can design and sell products as a result of your dexterity, Instagram is a very nice place. By having a large audience, you can easily sell your products from your Instagram account. At this point, it’s a good idea to learn how to set up an interactive account and learn about the products you can sell.

You can earn money by writing articles.

Makale Yazarlığı Yapmak

I’m sure a couple of people might say I don’t believe you’re earning $ 500 a week by writing articles. But you can become a qualified writer, like your articles, and earn money if you regularly ask for them. If you do your job in a disciplined and orderly way, you can get a job regularly. In this way, you can earn a certain additional income per week. At this point, if your interests and competencies in the amount of writing you can write to the people looking for writers, you can easily get a job. If you want to make money from bed to bed, blog writing is for you…

You can earn money by doing Web and Graphic Design.

Web ve Grafik Tasarım Yapmak

If you are familiar with the design of websites, nowadays you can get a good income. You can easily earn an average of 500 dollars per week, either by dealing with the design problems of the current sites or by designing the new websites. You will have done your favorite work and you will be able to increase your income in a simple way by doing the work you already know outside working hours.

You can earn money by giving art classes.
Sanat Dersleri Vermek

If you have the competence to teach in subjects such as painting, music, and sports, you are one of the lucky people to make money. By giving private lessons you can make good weekly earnings. Playing guitar may not sound like a job to you, and maybe that’s one of the best things about it. You earn at least 100 dollars of these lessons per hour, and if you give 5 people a week, you get an additional 500 pounds.

You can make money by teaching people how to drive.

Direksiyon Dersi Vermek

When it is said to give a lesson, now it comes to mind to give the steering lesson privately. Although the courses are inadequate training and driving license people who can not drive a good car, take special steering lessons. There are many people who have already taken their driving license but never used a car. When they buy a car, they may have forgotten everything they know. If you are one of those who trust in the wheel and believe that you can teach someone else about it, you will have a job where you can easily make money. Steering lessons are offered at hourly rates, and if you can find yourself a few students, you can earn a good weekly income.

Candle – You can make money by making soap.

Mum – Sabun Yapmak

Don’t say if you make money from a candle – soap. Nowadays, candles and soaps that are similar to works of art are made and sold at very good prices. You might think that there are many people who already do this. At this point, you should make designs that will make your difference. You should enter the market with your own designs, not as everyone does. If you can do good marketing on the internet, you can be sure that you will get a good income.

You can make money by designing jewelry.

Takı Tasarlamak

One of the nice hobbies you can do as an additional job is to design jewelry. Many people say that in this way, both stress and income. Why don’t you be one of them! If you have the skills, you can make beautiful designs and sell them. You can also use the internet to discover and sell different models.

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