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Batteries that run out of careless use result in less battery life in everyday life. So how do we get the best battery performance in this case?

All of us have experienced this or the like at least once. One of the biggest reasons we face this problem nowadays is the end of life batteries. So how can you make your battery last longer? Here’s what you need to do:

Keep your phone charged at 50% full charge:

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To extend your battery life, you need to understand the logic of charging. A battery consists of two layers, graphite and lithium cobalt oxide. As lithium ions pass from the graphite layer to the lithium cobalt oxide layer, energy is generated. This happens in the opposite direction when charging the battery.

The conclusion we need to draw here is to keep the lithium ions in both layers equal. This balance forces the lithium ions to power your battery in the least amount and increases the charge life of your battery. Therefore, it is best for you to keep your battery at a minimum charge of 20% and a maximum charge of 80%.

Do not leave your phone charged overnight:

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This has nothing to do with the extra charge in your battery, but we can say that a mechanism in our phones can eat your battery life. When the phones we charge for at night reach 100%, they actually stop charging. But even a 0.1% drop puts the phone back in charge. So your phone goes in and out repeatedly.

Play with your phone’s settings:

If you want to protect your phone’s battery, you can turn on the battery saver mode in each phone. This option lowers the brightness of your phone, reduces notifications, and relieves processor load. So the phone consumes less power.

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Another option to protect the battery is to turn off battery-exploiting features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. Your device always tries to find new networks even when you are not connected to a Wi-Fi network. In addition, when you are at home, turn off your phone’s internet and use Wi-Fi is more efficient.

If your phone has an LED indicator, turning it off may also be good for battery life. You can also turn off keyboard sound and vibration for more battery life. Finally, all you can do on your phone is to erase unused accounts from memory.

Adjust brightness:

Nowadays, most phones have the option to automatically adjust brightness according to the environment. Turning this option off and adjusting the brightness yourself will consume less of your phone’s energy. Remember to turn off your phone’s display when not in use. Sure, the screen turns off automatically. However, the sooner you switch it off, the less energy the phone consumes.

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If your phone has an OLED display, activating the dark mode will benefit your battery life. However, if you have an LCD screen, this, unfortunately, won’t make any difference to you.

Follow your apps:

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Keep track of the applications installed on your phone. If you think your battery is running out quickly, check the Settings tab to find the application that absorbs your battery the most. Also, uninstall applications that you are not using. Turn off useless notifications in the apps you’re using because these notifications always turn your phone screen on and off.

The applications that exploit the battery the most are known as video applications such as Snapchat, Netflix and YouTube. Of course, Facebook and Instagram applications are also among the applications that exhaust the battery. Therefore, it will be useful for your battery to prevent the applications listed above from running in the background.

Stay away from heat:

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Miss things that will heat your battery. High temperatures will put pressure on your battery and cause it to lose its capacity. The batteries, which are between 25-30 degrees Celsius, can maintain 80% of their capacity after one year of use.


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