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If you’re bored with your iPhone smartphone running out of charge in a short time during the day, you can start using your phone for longer periods of time with a single charge.

For iPhone users, adjusting the phone settings correctly is essential for high performance. There are many methods, such as turning off transition animations, especially to speed out obsolete models. We’ve also put together recommendations that iPhone users, especially those with the iOS 13 operating system, can use to have a longer-lasting battery, but some will also increase battery life in older operating systems. If you wish, let’s move on to sorting the suggestions without further ado.

Before we go to the article, let’s give a little information. As you know, iOS 13 is currently in beta. Therefore, some errors in the operating system may shorten the battery life of the device. If you are using the latest version of the iOS 13 beta, we can give you more advice on how to last longer.

1. Close applications:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

Many iPhone users don’t need to shut down their applications because the phones don’t slow down, but that’s not the right thing to do with the battery’s health. First, you can go to Settings> Battery directory and select “last 24 hours” or “last 8 days” to analyze which application consumes more power on your phone. If you do not need these applications to run continuously after you exit the application, you can scroll up by pressing the home key twice.

2. Use the Dark Mode:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

Dark Mode is less tiring than bright mode. Some users like the look of Dark Mode more. In addition, the Dark Mode consumes less power than the Bright Mode. To use Dark Mode, you can select Dark Mode by clicking Screen & Brightness under Settings.

3. Use Low Power Mode:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

When you don’t need all the background applications on your phone to run and send notifications, you can turn on Low Power Mode to extend battery life considerably. Low Power Mode also disables a number of different features, preventing the phone’s high power consumption. To turn on this mode, you can turn on the mode in Settings> Battery directory.

4. Turn off Remove to Wake:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

Remove to Wake is actually a very practical feature, but the phone constantly checks the position where it causes power consumption. If your phone lasts longer, it’s a good idea to turn this setting off if it’s more important to you. To turn it off, you can turn off Kaldır Remove to Wake ”in Settings> Display & Brightness.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in Settings:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features can be turned off via the control panel on the iPhones, but when they are turned off, they actually continue to work in the background. You can turn off these features in Settings> Wi-Fi and Settings> Bluetooth directories to ensure that these features are completely off and in a power-free state. If you want your phone to last longer, it is a good idea to make this a habit.

6. Turn off Automatic Downloads and Automatic Updates:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

When you download a program to one of your iCloud-connected devices, this app is installed on your other iCloud-connected devices and is automatically downloaded when an update is released. This can be a very practical feature, but the battery life is significantly reduced. To turn off this feature, turn off “Application Updates” and “Automatic Downloads bulunan in Settings> iTunes & App Store.

7. Select the applications you want to send notifications to:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

Not only is it annoying and sometimes distracting for all applications on the phone to send notifications at any time, it is also a battery enemy. To prevent this, you can specify which applications you really need to send notifications to. You can do this by turning on the keys next to the applications in Settings> Notifications.

8. Turn off the Refresh Background Application feature:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

Application Renewal in the Background enables the faster opening of applications on iPhone devices. If your goal is the performance, a feature that you should keep clear, but if your goal is to prevent power consumption, this is one of the features you should first turn off. This feature is automatically disabled when switching to Low Power Mode, but you can still do so if you are not going to use Low Power Mode. Click Yenile Refresh Background Application ”in Settings> General> Refresh Background Application and click“ Off den from the drop-down menu.

9. Customize the Display & Brightness menu:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

In this menu, a setting can be made through the fourth item. Now let’s look at the other operations you can do in this menu. First of all, let’s start with the simplest. The brightness of your screen is very important. Especially in recent years, the use of high-quality screens on the phones makes them the enemy of the battery. Make sure you use the brightness of your phone sufficiently.

In addition, you can choose how long your phone’s screen is turned off by clicking the “Auto-Lock” option in the same menu. Even when watching movies, playing games and even sleeping, the screen may sometimes remain on, and when you notice it, your charge is already low. To prevent this, it is useful to fix the Kilit Auto-Lock ”option to 30 seconds or 1 minute. This way, you can make your battery last longer by 10% and 20%.

10. Close Location Services

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

Aside from privacy concerns, Location Services is a feature that pushes the battery. It is best to keep this feature turned off when not in use. Sometimes this feature is turned on when an application asks for permission, but it can be forgotten to turn it off when the application exits. Afterward, the battery is unnecessarily low. You can turn off Location by clicking on “Location Services bulunan in the Settings> Privacy directory.

11. Disable widgets:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

Although widgets do not affect the battery to a large extent, they are useful when turned off. On the Home screen, you can swipe your finger to the right to see the widgets you are using. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Edit ve and remove the widgets for apps you’re not using. Although it does not increase battery life at critical levels, it will be of some benefit.

12. Restart your phone:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

Restarting the phone at regular intervals will reduce the unnecessary load on RAM and allow the device to make itself most efficient.

13. Reset your phone:

iphone şarj ömrü nasıl uzatılır

You should consider this option as a last resort. If you do everything but think that your phone’s battery life is irrational, you should try returning to the default settings before sending it to a technical service.

We’ve come to the end of our article, which lists the recommendations you can use to extend battery life on iPhones with the iOS 13 operating system. If you can’t extend the battery life of your phone despite everything you do, it’s worth waiting for the release of the stable version of iOS 13. Because the difference in battery life between beta and stable version iOS is sometimes surprisingly high.

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